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About Me

My Name is Stefan, I'm 22 and i was born at the wonderful Austria in the Heart of Europe, Home of some high Mountains and no Kangarous....

I love to Travel and discover the beauty of our amazing Planet with my two Dogs, Grey and Rico. I enjoy they're company on most of my Adventures and you can see them at "some" of my Pictures :D.

Along to that I've decided in April 2016 to share my Impressions on Instagram. I started it to inspire some People and to motivate them to go out to enjoy every Moment, now I'm sharing my Adventures with more than 56.000 People daily Worldwide. Many People have asked me why I aint got a blog and honestly i couldn't find a answer that made sense. So now I'm trying to give you a much closer look at all my Trips and for me its also great that i can tell you more about the things i do.

Hope you enjoy it :)