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Grünau im Almtal, the secret Wonder of Upper Austria

July 26, 2017

First of all I wanna thank you for visiting my brandnew Blog and for giving me a Chance to tell you more about my favourite Area on the whole Planet - Grünau im Almtal here in Upper Austria. Its one of those rare Places on Earth where you can feel the Magic and where you really think you're in another Universe. No Cars, no Humans - just the Sound of the Birds, the Wind and a view Animals you can hear in the Woods. It's a hidden Naturewonder and for me a huge Playground - you got so many Opportunitys where you can go and I've been here for about "1000" Times but you can explore somethig new every Time. Icecold Mountainlakes, Rivers and of Course many Mountains to hike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


The area is about an Hour (80 Kilometers) from my Hometown Linz away and you can reach it perfect with the Car - also theres a Train and a Bus which are taking you easily there. Its part of the big Dead Mountains with the highes Mountain the "Great Priel" which is 2515 Meters high. Famous is also the Cumberland Animal Park and of Course the majestic Almsee Lake.





In the next few Weeks i will present you more awesome Places like that and I will do an Article for everything you can explore in there. So i can discribe you everything nearer like the  Ödseen - Lakes, two of the most stunning lakes you will ever have seen -seperated in the small and the large one - with awesome Water, an unbelieveable View and the best Thing about it is, you can reach it in 20 Minutes. Also there will be a Discription how you get everywhere.


Stay tuned my Friends- i'm currently Working on a lot more for you- i hope you will follow me on all my Adventures and will discover the World with me.




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