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Austrias most dangerous Bear! - NOT!

October 21, 2017

So this week i present you the other part of our Pack, a guy who is specially known for two things in life, sleeping and , yes you've guessed it right, eating. Meet Rico , a gentle little bear with a big belly that always wants to be filled.




Long time before i picked up Grey it was clear to me that i will have another dog on my side - because i think one dog alone can't really be happy.


There are so many things a human can't give to dog, specially when it comes to playing or social competence.


We've always been to dog parks and such stuff, to meet soooo many other dogs, when grey was young, but he never knew the meaning of being a real wolf and the power of a pack until we got the little Rico. 





How we decided it has to be a Leonberger? Really good Question...


So we knew that a second wolfdog would be no good choice - they would be to similar and they just would teach another nonsens. So we were searching for a contrast. Also all kinds of molosser (like presa canarios, pitbulls or amstaffs) or hunting dogs weren't in a closer competion because we didn't knew at this point how greys hunting drive will evolve.


Lea also wanted a biiiig dog even bigger then Grey, so there were just a few breeds left. 


Saint Bernards or Newfoundland Dogs, the only two choices we thought.


Because of the fact that Saint Bernards are often sick dogs (many have problems with the joints) and that Lea don't likes them, she always says that they have way to big mouths also they look like cows in her eyes :D :D :D we didn't picked up one.




We spendt very much time on the Web searching, reading and watching pictures but the Newfoundland Dog didn't impress us also really much. 


But then we finally saw some Pictures at Instagram of a big Leonberger Male and we said that this must be Greys brother. Its a really rare breed and there are just a few breeders across Europe, so we started our search and then, a few days later, we luckily found a littler right here in Austria.


Just a day later after we saw the anouncment we went to see the little puppies, so we drived 300 Kilometers. 


As soon as we steped into the breeders garden we knew that this would be it, this is the dog we were searching for.


Never seen such big and impressive looking dogs before, so we choose this ultra cute guy!


I mean who can say no to such a good looking baby???? Could you resist??


You think Leonbergers are slow, sleepy, fat bears who wants to sleep the whole day - youre right!


But thats the reason we love rico so much, hes just the cuddliest dog that ever excisted and hes just happy to be with you.

Doesnt matter if youre doing the laundry, watching tv or cleaning the house with vacuum cleaner - hes with you and watches everything you do with a face that say - Dad can i have food?? 


I mean hes thinking about food all the time and if you say the Magic Words- in German: " Rico gibts da was Gutes?"

(Rico is there something good for you??) he will do everything for it including a triple backflip and other crazy stuff you never saw a leonberger doing.



You can motivate him nearly for everything!


When it comes to other dogs he never met before,hes the most uncomplicated dog ever- he simply doesnt care for them. He just walks by, no smelling no looking. He's a very social dog and he loves to play with dogs but only if he knows them and hes seen them a few times before.


Also sometimes hes a rude guy and he doesnt understand when its enough- he also doesnt care about beeing bitten or get thrown on the ground by another dog. He just stands up and continues his mission to get them angry. Sometimes it seems like its a game for him.




Ricos Nutrition is really easy to discribe..


Hes like a Trashcan, he just swallows everything you throw into him.


Doesnt matter if it's Deer meat which costs 40€ per Kilogramm or old tires from the scrapyard.


He will eat it as fast as he can. Sometimes i think he got no taste nerves.

Theres just one thing left and thats maybe the most important thing you need to know about Rico.


He loves his brother and i mean he really loves him. Most of the dogowners i meet that have dogs tell me that theyre dogs just live next to each other without really liking another. But not Grey and Rico.


Its crazy, they are just like wolfes, cuddling toghter, sleeping a few centimeters next to each other.

Also when it comes to food you see how much they love each other- they share everything.


When Lea is away with rico and Grey and me stay at home the welcome is really funny- as soon as she opens the door- the boys run together and then they cuddle for about ten minutes until they realize that we are also here :D :D :D





















I hope you all enjoyed the Blog Post and as always- if you got any questions, feel free to ask me at any time.


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Here are my favourite Rico Pictures 

























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