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Winter is coming - 3 Things to do in Austria

December 17, 2017

Now the cold and dark time of the year has finally arrived but dont be sad there now some very cool activitys I've been excited about the whole year!

1. Snowshoe Hiking in the Austrian outback!



No Snow in the Town, you're not in Winter Feever  - No Problem!


When it comes to the ultimative snowexpirience you should really do a snowshow hike. Fresh Powder and a great view are just 2 Things that wait for you when you're coming to winterwonderland called  Nationalpark "Gesäuse" !


Here are Links to 4 amazing snow shoe Tours I will do in the next Weeks (when my Timesheet finally has place for those Adventures!)


Tour Nr.1 

Tour Nr. 2


Tour Nr. 3


Tour Nr. 4


2. Visiting the world famous Christmasmarket in Austrias capital Vienna! 


Its one of the oldest markets like that here in Austria, over 700 Years of Traditon wait for you when you stroll around.


Handmade Chrsitmasdecorations, Mulled Wine and a looooot of Traditional Christmasfood (i mean really a lot) - everything your heart diseres and everything you need to generate the ultimative Christmas Feeling.


Also a 3000 square meters big ice skating park is located next to the christmas market - specially in the evening a unique place for some romantic hours in the heart of the metropole!


You will find more Informations at they're Website!





3. Visit one of the many Thermal Baths and Spas!


One of my favourite Activities next to hiking is visiting some of the amazing Wellness Temples here in Austria- it doesnt matter if you want to take it slow and quit or if you want to have a lot of fun at the slides - its the best time of the year to get wet!


So take your slippers and your Towel!



Heres the Link to my favourite Wellness and Fun place here in Austria - The Aqua Dome in Tirol! 


Take a look a this amazing place.




So here are some more impressions that hopefully get you into a great Winter Mood - i cant wait to do all of that stuff in the next weeks!

Specially the Spa Visit is long needed - when youre always out where its cold you get a inner freeze - trust me!


And as always YOU Guys will be with me on my instagram Channel when i live those adventures!

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