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4 Seasons - 1 Tour

October 27, 2017

So this Weeks topic is another amazing Hikingtour with some - amazing pictures so that everybody is happy :D


I'm currently still working on the recap of our France/ Cote d Azure Trip in September but theres so much to do and it really must be perfect for you!

The weather the past week was shit and i mean real shit. Raining the whole Day, cold but still not cold enough for some great austrian snow.

So heres a Tour that is great, doesnt matter if its raining, snowing or the sun is shining. The Lakes are always stunning and specially in Summer swiming here is great!

The Tour starts right next to the first of the two lakes - you can park your car right in front of it. In my opinion a real insolence that people are allowed to drive there with the car.


In such a beautiful area the cars should be forbidden and there schouldnt even be a road, just a hikingtrail.


If somebody wants to see our nature wonders he should take the effort to walk 2 hrs. We arent in Hollywood where you can watch everthing from the bus...



But yeah thats what we people are up to - tkaing everything with less effort and were walking careless thruh this world.


But thats another Story which probably would take 50 blogposts to write..

As i said we start right in front of the lake - like every other lake theres a trail around - here it gets difficult because both sides are absolutly amazing to walk with a even better view.



I prefer the left side because you can walk along the shore (dont really know what the shore?! of a lake is called)



On the right side you just see the lake thruh the trees and you have to climb down to get to the icecold water. 



Also a huge Advantage of the left way is that you can stunning pictures like that! 


Just follow the Trail rext to the lake for about 20 minutes and you reach the end of the first lake. Here it gets tricky again - another crossing another decision.


Here I always take the right way and the only reason is the course of the route.



The two Trails are real similar when it comes to the gradient,but specially when the boys are with me, i have to see what comes up next.


Every dog owner that gets his dog of the leash knows that issue - whats around the next corner. Another Dog, people who are scared of Dogs, some Pray or somithing other unexpected stuff?


You never know so i prefer to stay safe and that i can see as wide as its possible. I like risk but not when it comes to my dogs.  




And again all you have to do is following the trail until you finally reach this great place - the second of the two lakes - which is one of my most favourite places around here.


At this Lake theres everything a nature lovers heart is looking for - cristal clear, icecold water, high mountains, places where you can swim in summer, make a campfire in fall or go iceskating winter - as i told you a paradise in every Season - and the best thing about it???


Simply nobody is there - just a view people take the way up the - most of them stay at the first like- they dont even know where they can get to if they woudl walk about an hour.











The Langbathsee Lakes are located in the Area next to the famous Traunseelake one of the best known and biggest lakes here in upper Austria but it just cant compare to these two gems. So when youre around there just make your way to this place you really wont be upset!


As always i hope i have entertained you with my Blogost and as always feel free to give me any feedback you want - i'm happy about it!


Stay tuned, dont forget to subscribe and look forward to the next article which ,hopefully, finally will be the recap of the France Vacation :D :D :D

Here are some of my favourite  pictures from there











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