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5 Fact's about me!

March 22, 2018

Hi Guys- in this Post I'm giving you some "secret" Informations about me - many of you ask me a lot Questions about me and here I give you some answers.


1. I’m a amazing Cook!


I love to be in the kitchen and not only to eat. When I was younger I was at a cooking school for a whole year - honestly I didn’t went there for

cooking - there were 96% Girls , so yeah, you know what I want to say.


But all that doesn’t matter right now - I learned a lot and I explored my love for food.


Everyday i cook at least 2 Times at home. Always fresh and regional.


And the best thing is: Nobody has died yet! And the people always say they like it - hopefully not only because they want to be polite :D ;D




2. I can mostly only work in Public or with other People around me:




Sounds crazy but many of you ask me why I always work in coffee shops or other public places - well there I really get my work done.


The more people surround me the more productive I am.


When I’m home alone I always find something else to do and I get distracted really fast. I also love the feeling sitting in a beautiful cafe or enjoying an amazing view, like right now.


It just gives me the feeling of being part of something bigger.


3. I’m an anti alcoholic:



There story behind is, well there is no story…


Not because I had any bad situation or some negative expirience- I just don’t like the taste of beer, wine and all other drinks.


I haven’t found anything yet that I would love more than a anti alcoholic drink ( Specially fruity Cocktails).


Its probably better because without any alcohol I’m crazy so I don’t want to know what would happen if I would drink.


Also I never have to watch if I’m allowed to drive or not.



4. To live in the Countryside would be a nightmare for me:


I was growing up in one of Austrias largest Citys, Linz, and would never ever leave it.


I love the Nature and the Mountains but I’m not feeling comfortable living in the middle of nowhere.


I need to be surrounded by people, I need the fast life, I need to have any kind of opportunity to spend my evenings.


The nature is a great place to shake off all the stress and to slow down. Linz is situated perfectly - Vienna isn’t far away, all the Mountains aren’t far away.


By the way my dream place to life would be the Cote d’azure in France - have been there two times and I would never leave if it would be possible.

5. Maybe I’m a shopaholic:




Well I have more than 60 Pairs of shoes and more than 50 Watches at home - this should explain a little bit what I’m talking about.


My Wardrobe is twice as big as my Girlfriends one and I even need a extra own room the have enough space for all my clothes.




My Motto is - theres no bad weather just bad gear/clothes. But well this should be no excuse I just love to dress well and to have enough opportunitys for choosing the right outfit - maybe I should become a fashion blogger :D :D :D




I hope I could give you a little closer look on my personality but theres a lot of more to explore- if anybody has any kind of question, please just hit me up and ask me. As always I hope you liked the post and you keep up with blog for my next entry.


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