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5 Important Things when you're hiking with your Dog

November 13, 2017

Climbing the highest Peaks, enjoying the best view - its always better with your best buddy next to you!


A lot of you asked and now its time for some answers - how you create a hiking trip thats safe and fun for you and your furcovered best friends!


You dont need any kind of expensive gear to get a great adventure - just remember this 5 Tipps!

1. Always stay hydrated! 


Whats important for us humans is even more important for the angels with 4 paws.


Check out the Trail online if theres maybe some water in this area - we often start or end our hiking trips at a mountainlake so we can fill up our water reserves and the boys can take a great swim.



If theres no natural water around just make sure you carry enough with you.



2. Make sure your dog is healthy!


What sounds simple is often a central problem when it comes to big hiking tours.


Owners just make sure if theyreself are healthy but often forget that also dogs can face problems.


So specially before a big tour keep an eye on them a few days before you start. Just to make sure if every move looks good and they dont feel any pain - also try different types of grounds.


Some dogs got problems with theyre paws specially when there are some sharp stones in the terrain or with ice when its really cold!






3. Watch out for Pray!


Many Dogs like to Hunt and even if not - when a deer jumps up next to them most of them would run after it and try to chase it.


Thats not even bad behaivior - its just an instinct.


So please be careful - always get one eye on the dog - how is his body language, is he nervous?? When youre them watching you can avoid most bad situations.




It doesn't even have to be the dogs/ owners fault - sometimes wild animal just feel pressed specially when they have freshborns- just let the leash fall and run - the dog will find his own way and that even better then you! They are way better survivers then us!



4.Trust your Dog!


In my opinion maybe the most relevent point on this List!  


As i said before dogs are better survivers then we will ever be and they can a lot things more than you think.


Just watch them in difficult terrain - they never look tipsy - most of the time they are graceful and self confident.


Dont tell them in bad situations what to do - they will find theyre own way and trust me thats most of the time a lot better then every route/way you see in a case like that.



Dont get nervous and dont do things to fast - i can be really dangerous for yourself!




5. Bring enough Snacks!!!!!!! ( The most important Advice in Ricos Eyes)



A hiking trip makes hungry and also our fluffy friends need some Power to stay motivated.


I always carry some Bones with me so that the boys can enjoy them while i take picture at the top or while i enjoy the amazing view!


And dont forget to bring something for yourself - otherwise the dog will be angry if you eat his bone.  





So if you're watch all this the next hiking trip with your fluffy friend is going to be a loooooooot of fun as you see at our adventures!


As always i hope you've enjoyed reading the Article and if you got any Advices please feel free to contact me.




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