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A escape from the Austrian Heat - the "Steirischer Bodensee" Lake

July 31, 2017



Another hot Weekend in Austria - about 36 Degrees - so ist time to run away from the heat. And theres is no better place like Schladming in Styria. Valleys filled with Water, icecold Mountainlakes and real high Mountains who spend some Shadow - all Things you can find there and i present you a part of my perfect Weekend trip. Grey and Rico were also on my Side so we have to watch that its cool and that there is enough water - specially for Rico. His Black fur gets heated real quick and he always Needs something to drink around him.

Our First stop is the so called "Steirischer Bodensee" Lake - it's about 15 minutes away from Schladming - towncenter and you can reach it really easy per car or Bus. The Bus ticket is about 4,50 Euros and you pay 3 Euros toll for the Panorama road to the Lake. From the Parking Slots to the lake it takes you only 20 Minutes. With every step you get closer to the lake and of Course the really impressive Waterfall.






One time around the Lake will take about 40 Minutes but that wasnt the way we went. Our Destination was the mighty Waterfall making its way thruh stones.  


Climbing it up is great - we've done it. You have to be really carefull because of the Water splashing around the rocks are extremly slippery and there were some Moments near a heart attack.


But dont worry Rico and Grey werent with us - they took a little Nap at the viewing Point :D. 

When we came back rico was sleeping under a rock and we had to work for about 10 minutes to get him out of his cave.


Then we made our way back - but there are many more Options from this Point -  you can walk on for the famous three lakes hike including the Bodensee Lake, the Hüttensee Lake and the Obersee Lake.


I've done the tour last year without the dogs and it took me about 6 Hrs alltogether. So right now its impossible with our small baby bear. But we will come Back next year for this tour again.






Thats the amazing view you get from the Waterfall looking down on the Lake with the Dachstein Mountains in the Back.


Something i can recommend to everybody who is there without any Kind of animal by his side is a boat tour on the Lake.


You can rent a small rowboat at the restaurent for only 6 Euros for a Hour where 4 People or a lot of Food fits on it.


Everybody who loves tanning or sleeping or taking Pictures in a great scenery will also love the Boattrip. 




All in all a amazing Playgroud for People who like it easy and also for the ones who like it dont so easy :D - You have so many Options there so its perfect for a quit Day where you can put your feets in the water and relax or a reeeaaaaal Long hiking tour where your feets will defintily hurt after it. Here are some more impressions of us and  our realxing adventure so you get a teaser of where you should really go as soon as your around.
































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