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Big Wolf with a big heart - Meet Grey the austrian Mountainwolf

October 14, 2017

First of all i wanna thank you for your amazing support here on my Blog and as well on my Instagramfeed - i'm glad getting so much kind words for starting the Blog - if you got any Tipps/ Wishes or Questions please feel free to ask.


According to my survey on my Instagramstory here is the first Article about Dogs - they are the most important Part in my Life and so i want to share my Passion with you.


Today i will intruduce you to one of my two best and cutest friends - Grey and Rico. You might know them from my Pictures but today i will tell you everything about them, specially the good sites of them - yes they also got "bad"ones - but i love them either way.


It was always my dream spending my Life with a wolf, since i was a young boy i was fascinated by these amazing Creatures, by theyre mostly misunterstood character and theyre physic. So last year my Dream finally came thrue and now i have the best friend i could ever wish for.







Lets start with my little Wolf named Grey, hes right now 11 Months old, born on 23th November 2016. At the Moment hes about 70cms high and has got 35 kilogramms.



Grey is the most trustful and sensible dog i've ever met and i really notice every day how grateful and happy he is, spendig his dogs life with us in the austrian mountains.


Our connection is really strong and i think he also understands a little bit how much love i feel for him and how much i care for him. He shows it to me in so much things like smiling on every picture, being excited about every minute we spend together even if were just sitting quit on top of a mountain next to each other and being well behaived in every situation you can imagine.




Its no problem walking straight thruh a group of 100 People without a leash, he wont go to anyone of them even if they make sounds, every dog owner knows the sounds going along with a "oh my good, such a cute dog" or "oh hes so beautiful" or a "come here" - Grey simply doensn't care. It's funny seeing all those frustrated faces from the people because he isnt interested into them. That simply shows me that a real wolf only needs his Pack to survive.


When it comes to his favourite activity ,right behind cuddling and playing with the pack, its clearly swimming. As a small wolf, everybody told me that wolfdogs dont like Water and dont swim -  but Grey teached them a lession. Some people keep asking me why we are hiking often next to lakes or rivers - theres a simple explanation - i love watching Grey swim and he loves it too.


Also its one of the best things to get a dog in a perfect shape without straining his joints when hes young. Specially large sized breeds have often Problems with it - so if you have a dog who loves to swim - use it! 


Grey is like a motorboat - hes swimming for half an hour without getting out of the water. 


Feeding Grey is like Science. Hes really picky, no fruits, no vegatables, no chicken, no pork ( yes its not good for Dogs) - just things like Lamb, Rabbit, Horse, Deer and other meat which is also Pray for a real Wolf. He denies every treat from other people which contains Grain and his faces are funny to watch if you show him some fruits or the wrong kind of food. He just leaves the room like " what schould i do with that shit? eat it by your own and leave me alone crazy human! Call me if you find some meat in the fridge".


Crazy Faces similar to that:






As you can imagine a wolfdog is sometimes scared from human things - as a puppy grey was scared of nearly everthing which was new for him. His first two months he was growing up in a 4000 square meters large plot of land with 13 full grown dogs and his brothers and sisters. So he never saw any human stuff before we picked him up.  Walking next to Cars was the most difficult thing, riding with him in there was never a big deal - he loves the car- maybe because he knows thats the way to get a new adventure started. Also things like a Hairdryer or a Vacuum Cleaner where really strange to him - even today when he hears that sound hes walking straigt to theyre room and takes a nap in there for a few hour. Then he sticks his head thruh the door, just to make shure the bad vacuum cleaner is again in his cage :D :D.


Heres a wild wolf sleeping in his natural habitat :D - and yes he sleeps like that for hours...





The last thing you really schould know about grey is that hes no typical wolf when it comes to other dogs. You can read everywhere that wolfdogs are difficult in handling and that they often dont like other dogs- but thats just a mistake made by us humans!


Its like with any other dog breed - if you start as early as possible socializing them - there will never be a big problem! If they meet enough other dogs, play with them or walk along them. Then other dogs are no big deal at all and also they know that there are some rules when they are next to them.


Grey would never start any fight but if a dogs starts and doesnt leave him alone after getting warned by Grey he also can show his really scary bad site and because of his shape and his size he never leaves witout being the winner of the fight. Its defnitly ok, if he gets in it let them do it alone, like kids they have to make own expiriences and thats one of the only ways to get a charasmatic belanced dog. If you manage all theyre disputs what schould they learn?




The most important thing is, specially by breeds like a wolfdog that you have to be the leader - remember that in every situation because once the dog knows that hes the leader and he can do everything he wants without consequences - he will!!




Like always i hope you liked my Post and now you know mostly everthing from Grey- if you got any Questions please just askand if you want to see more Pictures of him - just visit my Instagramfeed. Also i really appreciate every Feedback you have for me.



The next post will be about .................... Hiking!



Oh but wait i forgot that i've got another dog at home which wants to be introduced :D


So next time you will get a closer look at Ricos life and hes the excatly opposite of Grey so stay tuned and subscribe my Blog to never miss any Post!


Here are some of my favourite Pictures of Grey - hope you love them as much as i do:













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