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Caution!- Flamable! - How to create the perfect campfire!

March 13, 2018

Since beginning of History Humans are fascinated by Fire! And we've mostly learned how to control it!


Today you get some advice how and where to make the perfect campfire! Also you will learn what you need to watch out for.

First of all i want to remind you to protect the environment!

Always be carefull, we just have on planet so be gentle - i know making a fire with friends is fun, drinking eating also and yes there will be waste!

So please take everything you bring to the fireplace home again.

This guides me to the first point:


- What do you need for a perfect Campfire?


To get started, you need the perfect ground - in summer its easy, just take some sand or rocks, in winter i prefer alu foil as the perfect grounding!

It reflects the heat, isolates and also stays dry and the best thing is it doesnt melt so you can just wrap it up again and throw it in the trashcan at home!


I also always bring my own wood for starting the fire, small pieces i buy at the DIY Store - 6 Kilograms cost about 4€.

Bringing my own wood has just one reasen - you never know what you find in the nature - i prefer carrying more than being disapointed that i can't start a fire!


When the fire burns - search for big pieces of dead wood and make shure they are dry - when you aren't 100% sure just take a knife and sratch a bit out - you will see it soon if its dryed completly inside.

How to start the fire?


 Try to make a pyramid with the small pieces of wood and try to fit a firestarter under it! I'm no fan of chemical firestarters so i take saw dust and wood shavings cover up in wax!  Heres a link to the product i prefer:


When the fire burns just lay the big pieces on top and make sure you dont stifle so the air can circulate and it keeps burning!

 What do when it burns?



Just enjoy you time, drink, talk, eat and have fun!


Grill some meat, Vegatables and bread.


But dont forget to keep an eye on the fire - often there are just seconds that matter before a fire gets out of control so please always be carefull specially when animals or kids are around! Never trust them completly!


Also always make sure theres water around to extingguish the fire as fat as you can!




After you're finished and you've extinguished the fire stay a few minutes ariound to be completly sure its out! Many Bushfires appear because people leave to early and the fire is still burning!


Remind thos things when youre doing youre next campfire and enjopy your time my Friends!








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