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Gosaulakes! A snowy Adventure!

December 1, 2017

Another Week another Adventurepost- i know you can't wait to read another story about a great hiking tour/ another fantastic Area here in the fabolous Upper Austria!




The two Gosausee Lakes are located in the Salzkammergut Area only a few kilometers away from the Worldfamous Town Hallstadt probably the most of you know!




When youre around there it really looks like another Planet- most of the Time its mysterios foggy and the clouds hang deep- just the Top of the Dachsteinmountains look thruh.



The water shines in colours from deep blue to a light green and the reflections are brilliant when theres no wind.

Starting at the "Gosauseehotel" the first thing that lies in Front of you ist the first Lake! And trust me its unbelieveable big for an austrian mountain lake and its also really deep - about 80 meters! Our Journey continues on the left shore of the Lake where you have a great view at the Gosaukamm - a Mountainformation that looks like a shark fin. 




Along the way runs a climbing trail where you have a great view at the

lake - but i only heard it - never been up there. If i would ever climb there i will probably die - i'm so scared of hight.


Maybe you can spot the Ladder? Its also part of the Climbing Trail ( Zoooom In)



On Mountains i aint got a problem but when it comes to human crafted things i dont trust them - maybe because of my own craft skills :D :D. 



 But i love watching those suicide loving guys crawling around there - got some unique Photos from them!




You know whats the best about this tour? 

You can just follow the road and it leads you straight to the Destination- the trail is about 7 kilometers long (one way) and after passing the first lake theres a long part that runs thruh a magic forest.


In Spring and Summer after the snow from the Dachstein Glacier is melted theres also a third Lake along this Way the so called "Gosau Lacke". Its more like a floated meadow and really flat but extremly cold - been in there once and i thought my feets will freeze!

So we kept following the way and then finally:


We saw our Destination - the second and upper one of the Gosau Lakes!




I'm very sorry that the last Posts were all really short - At the Moment I#m working on many stuff for you so please stay tuned and in the meantime keep watching our Instagram Adventures!


As always I hope you've enjoyed my Post and i'm excited about your feedback!

Here are some more shots for you from our snowy Trip:







































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