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Seespitz - From the Gleinkersee Lake up in the Hell

October 9, 2017

It was another hot Summerday here in Austria when the little Wolf Grey and me started our Tour from the "Gleinkersee Lake" to a Mountain called "Seespitz". I've found that tour online recommended as a light and enjoyable hike.



As you can guess it wasnt really easy, but dont mind. We walked the beautiful way along the lake when suddenly a Trail like i never saw it before started - there was no normal ground left  - there were just big manhigh rocks.


OK i thought "Lets go this will only last a few Meters and Grey thinks its funny". 40 minutes and 500 Meters higher - there were still rocks taller than me. Finally, 15 minutes later, we reached a crossroad. In Austria all hiking Trails are marked with colors depending on how hard it will get. Yellow for light hikingtrails, Red for middle hard hikingtrails and Black - you all know what black means.







So standing there at the crossing took me about 10 minutes guessing which Way will be better - the Red one which will take 2 Hrs or the



black one, marked with 1 Hr.


Like always i didnt want to walk so long when i could reach my goal faster.








We took the Black one and it was definitly worth it, on my way up i saw where the other trail would bring you, just thruh boring Wood with no view at all - but the Black one was running along the Mountain with a amazing view into the Valley.


I was really glad that i decide to do the harder Trail.





Everything was great and there were just a few meters left - when suddenly some Mountaingoats appered. Grey was really nervous maybe because he was so hungry - i was trying my best but before i could get a great Picture they already left because of Greys rude behaviour. I would also run, seeing a hungry Wolf standing in the Middle of the Austrian Mountains.



After that great Adventure we finally reached the Top of the Mountain and it felt like reaching the Top of the World which an incredible few and we also were the only ones up there- yes in Austria its not Normal to be lonely at the Top with a unbelieveable view at the lake right down there.



Recap of the Tour:


A great Adventure with an even better View but also very very hard and not for everybody specially when you have breathing problems. 

Its a long tour- about 2 Hrs and a half with more then 1100 height Meters. The discription in the web was definitly a lie - i cant imagine how somebody with kids should come up there when I'm, a trained young man who climbs Moutains for living, has his "small" ( i mean really big) Problems getting his butt up there :D


Here are some Picture from the Trip - if you've got any Questions please Contact me.










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