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A fast and profitable Hike - the Signalkogel

April 4, 2018

You want it - you get it!


Most of you wanted to see another tour guide and here it is - learn more about our last Adventure in the amazing Mountains of Austria!

The Tour starts at one of my favourite Places - the Langbathsee Lake!


A Mountainlake near the town Ebensee in Upper Austria a simply dreamy Place.


A mystical and very magical Lake i always enjoy - the only bad thing is - many people know its wonderfull so on weekends its always pretty crowded!



I'm the type that doesn't like it when there are too much people - specially because of the dogs.

Not because i dont trust them, the two dont care about humans - its just i dont trust other humans - most of them sadly dont know how to treat a dog right.

Or when they got a dog wirth them they dont know how to act and thats really annoying.


But well that are my problems not yours so...



As i told you the Tour starts at the lake - you walk about 5 Minutes back to a place called Jägerbachstube - a small wooden house thats looks really cute. Also there are some parking slots when you dont want to visit the lake first.



A nice forest road leads you to the first crossing - the Peak is signed at both directions - take the left one - trust me.



The first time i was here i took the right way - well i walked about  4 hrs and i was honestly extremly pissed after i found out that the normal (the left) way is just about 1 hr and that its extremly beautiful...

Now the Way gets interresting and stunningly beautiful.


On the left side the way is filled with more small waterfalls then i could count - like a stair.


Perfect for the Dogs and perfect to take some amazing shots. Also on a hot summer day they are cooling down the Air around which is really refreshing!


They way runs up just a little bit - all in all its easy to walk!



Just follow the Way until you reach this lonley little Hut!




Sorrounded by many trees it looks so inviting to take some pictures or to stay the night.



Just magical, its one of those simple but so meaningfull places where you cant believe your eyes.



Such places  often remind me how easy life could be.



Our Tour continues left of this small wonder.



Now it goes up pretty hard and upright.



The next 20 minutes ( 40 minutes when you dont walk often such tracks) are really really heavy for your feets.



Specially on a Day like this one was - the air was dry but the ground was still wet from the night.



The Shadows of the high trees keep the track dangerous until summer.

When you finally step out of the Woods there are just a few meters left - the peak is easy to find just follow the path that many hikers before you made! Move your legs just a few more times and after 5 minutes you reach this unbelieveable View!


I dont think there are more words needed to discribe the Feeling having such a beautiful scenery under you! The lake shines in a deep blue and the Mountains look like a painting!


Here are some more shots of this awesome tour!


The Walking time is for a trained Hiker (deepends also on the Ground Conditions in the Woods) is about 1 Hr - with so many photostops like we took its about 2 Hrs.


But like everywhere in Life dont hurry - just enjoy. Often the Way is the Goal! A thing that we all should remember in everything we do!









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