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Saving the Planet by Buying a Refurbished Phone? Stefantravels X Swappie.com

August 31, 2018



Saving the Planet by buying a refurbished Phone?


Stefantravels.com x Swappie.com

The answer might surprise you a little bit but its a simple yes - sure we wont safe the world in general but at least we can keep it a little bit cleaner and help to protect our Environment.

As most of you know a couple of weeks ago I was pretty upset, it was just one of those days, smartphone broken after two years while it looked brand-new and I really cared for it (always with screen protection and a silicon case), no support from the producer and so I went off.


I was really mad, not about the money a new one would cost, just simply about the fact that this industry is so bad for our Planet, that fixing is more expensive then buying a new one, that absolutely no one seems to care…



So I started doing my research if there are any other options. A few days ago I got a Mail that really really surprised me- a Mail from a Finnish Company called Swappie. They we’re offering me a refurbished iPhone 7 for free! I got a little bit hyped (just a little bit as you can imagine :D) but  I honestly didn’t know what refurbished exactly means and I think you don’t know it either.


Here are the facts for you:

Refurbished simply means that someone previously purchased the phone, then returned to the maker, wireless carrier, or retailer. Most times there was nothing wrong with smartphones even before they were “repaired” - the owner may have simply decided that they didn’t want it. In other cases, the refurbished phone did have some kind of small hardware problem, like a display that popped out or a cracked case. In that case, the phone was fixed and sold it again as a “refurbished” item.

When it comes to refurbished vs new, there’s really no other difference except that it was lightly used before coming into your hands. A refurbished phone should work just like new. The person who bought the phone first may have never even used it. They may have even left it in its originally packaging. That’s why refurbished phones can be such a gr
eat deal — they’re basically new, but you get them at a huge huge discount!

Like the one I got a I Phone 7 in Black with the 128GB- sold on the official Apple Page for 739€ - The Deal at Swappie.com is at 489€ that are nearly 35% of discount! A discount of 250€ - I mean come on if thats not a huge plus point I really don’t know!

I can only say that the first time I pulled the phone out of the Package I was absolutely stunned by the fact that it just looked brand-new! There wasn’t a single scratch or any evidence that this Item was ever used before.


Also the delivery time was insanly fast ( Orderd Tuesday arrived Wednesday without any extra costs!)

I turned the Phone on and it worked absolutely fantastic from the first second - the Display looks great, the Apps work as fast as they are supposed to and I also had the brand-new feeling when it was in my hands!


 So let's sum up whats so great about Swappie and why you really should buy there:


  • The quality of new phones with just a fraction of the price.

  • Free 6 months warranty.  

  • 14 days of free trial. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

  • Fast 1-3 delivery to all European countries

  • Safe payments with partial payment option.

  • Fast and super friendly customer service

  • Membership to special offers to old customers.

So what's my resumee:


My next Phone will be a again a Refurbished one from www.swappie.com - today the differnces from smartphone generation to generation aren't that huge - so why not helping protecting the environment by buying a phone thats already produced and running around the circle of life? I was really impressed by the Phone, it looks brandnew, it feels brandnew and i compared it to a lot of other I Phone 7's (Went to the apple store, checked the ones friends own) and there is simply not a single difference except the fact that mine was 35% cheaper - that are 250€ you can spend instead on other stuff!


Also i have something for you- when your buying at swappie.com just use my Promo Code "stefan20" to get 20 Euros Discount on your order - no i don't get any money from that i just have the oppurtunity to share the code so use it to your own Advantage!


As always thanks for enjoying my Blogpost and also again thanks again to Swappie.com to providing me the phone and to change my whole smartphone buying for the future!


If you have any Requests, Advices or whatever just hit me up as always!














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Saving the Planet by Buying a Refurbished Phone? Stefantravels X Swappie.com

August 31, 2018

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