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Do you even Care? The Trash problem in the Mountains!

January 24, 2019

A Question I ask a lot of the so called „nature lovers“, hikers or travelers on Instagram or wherever I spot them.

A simple Question isn’t it? Well maybe not as easy to answer as you think.

I’m getting more and more concerned about this hiking trend nowadays and that everybody wants to be outdoors. Making some new memories, enjoying the nature and try to feel the vibes. Sure, sounds great but is that so positive for the Mountains?

Let us take a closer look:

Since the 1970s the Österreichische Alpenschutzverband ( A Association which protects the Environment in the Austrian Alps) has collected about 4 Million Liters of Trash- 4.000.000 Liters, which means 66.500 compeletly full 60 Liter Bags!

Can you imagine that? Thats just embarrassing and disgusting!

 I really have to ask myself how and why?

Why can’t people just take the Wrappings, Bags and all the other stuff they brought up the mountains back down again?
Is it that hard? I mean come on you already carried it up filled with your food or whatever - so please take it down with you too!


I always carry an extra bag with me to collect the trash I find - I can really tell you - thats some crazy shit. Plastic, Glas or even Shoes - I mean come on - who the fuck leaves his shoe at a mountain- is it like: „ Oh I just lost my shoe, hmmm I keep going down a high mountain barefoot because I’m fine with one and I want to feel the fresh air at my feet…“


On the other Hand I really have to thank everybody who picks up the trash others leave there- I know it’s just hard sometimes and also pretty annoying but your a huge part to make our Planet better! So thanks a lot and keep doing this great Thing!

So after reading all that take a moment and ask yourself too - do I even care?

Am I’m doing everything possible to protect our Wonderfull planet?

If the answer is yes - perfect- then stay as great as you are and keep doing it!

If the answer is no or I don’t know then here are some simple but pretty helpful tipps:

- Always carry an extra Bag for trash with you, not only for the waste others leave also for yours! It Doesn’t take much space in your Backpack and I protects your other stuff from getting dirty!
- Instead of taking oneway wrappings take boxes
- Buy one of these fancy great looking bottles for your drinks - you will love the design and you will take the bottle with you again for sure!

Remember that if you really love the Nature as much as you claim that you also want to see it clean and brilliant - not full of trash and disgusting!


For me thats a really important threat so I would love if you share that with your friends, family or whoever! It’s a thing that matters for us all and even if your not into hiking - the mountains are a huge part of our Environment!

So let’s stay clean, yeah I know thats a bad one, and make our Planet great again!!!!! (And another bad one to end the Post!)

As always thanks for reading - after a long time where I didn’t really felt like doing it I’m finally motivated again so as you know - i’m happy about every kind of feedback! Until next time!


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Do you even Care? The Trash problem in the Mountains!

January 24, 2019

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